The Marauders

The Marauders have no clubhouse, no playing roster and no home ground. They are best described as a hybrid team and available for any match on an invitational basis. ANYONE can play for The Marauders depending on the circumstances.

The Marauders first ever match was a trial against the Titans in February 2008. For that match, the Marauders were made up of full-time and part-time referees and a F7s manager. The Marauders' first ever captain was referee boss Pistol.

Players who have hoisted the Marauders' flag

Player Name Origin Year(s) Total Games
(for F7s All Stars)
Pistol Referee, former Souths 2008 (c), 2009 (c), 2010 (c) 3
Willow Referee, Bluebags 2008, 2009 2
Skinner Rules manager 2008 1
LeagueNut Referee, Panthers 2008, 2009, 2011 3
Cheesie-The-Pirate Referee, Bluebags 2008 1
rabs Souths 2010 1
bartman Eels 2010 1
Non Terminator Easts 2010, 2011 (c) 2
Jesbass Referee, F7's Boss 2011 (vc) 2
madunit Panthers 2011 2
tits&tans Titans 2011 2
Year Opponent Result W/L Match Link
2008 Titans Marauders 427-423 W
2009 Dragons Marauders 268-180 W
2010 F7s All Stars Marauders 339-338 W
2011 F7s All Stars Marauders 443-442 W

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