History of Forum Sevens

Forum Sevens Trophy and Trials

Includes Possibles v Probables Tournament

Possibles vs Probables Tournament (PVP)

Trials and an off-season tournament open to all comers, including new teams seeking invitation into the F7s competition.

Year PVP Cup Winner
(challenge match played after Plate and Shield)
PVP Shield Winner
(undefeated prior to Cup Challenge)
PVP Plate Winner
(winner of second pool and challenger for Cup)
2004-2005 Raiders Bulls Raiders
2005-2006 Warriors Sharks Warriors
2006-2007 Bluebags (2 wins)* Ninjas (1 win)* Panthers (0 wins)*
2008 Titans (2 wins)** Dragons (1 wins)** Bluebags (0 wins)**
2009 Wheels (Warriors/Eels) Cougars Bluebags

*In a three team round-robin, Panthers forfeited both their matches. Bluebags defeated Ninjas.
**Three teams (2 Possibles v 1 Probable). Winner of Possibles match advance to Final, Loser played Probable with that winner advancing to the Final.

Other F7s Trophies and Competitions

Past events and one-off annual trophies.

Trophy Competing teams Winners
Donovan Cup Tournament 2002-2003 Sharks 2003
Foundation Cup Roosters v Rabbitohs Roosters 2003, Rabbitohs 2004, Roosters 2005, Roosters 2009
Chook Raper Cup Bluebags v Dragons Bluebags 2003, 2008
Willow Shield Pirates v Rhinos Pirates 2003, Rhinos 2004, Pirates 2005
David Wong Cup Pirates v Warriors Pirates 2004
Frank Burge Shield Bluebags v Dirty Reds Bluebags 2005
Furryunit Shield Panthers v Sharks Panthers 2005
Western Sydney Shield Cougars v Panthers Cougars 2008, 2009
Charity Shield Dragons v Rabbitohs Rabbitohs 2009
Sandy Crack Cup Bluebags v Titans Bluebags 2009