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Year BP Player of the Year Referee of the Year Rookie of the Year Captain of the Year Best Team Score of the Year Link to Awards Forum
2002 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
2003 Gorilla (Bluebags) Mystique Terracesider (Rabbitohs) Seano (Rabbitohs) Rabbitohs
45.6 out of 50
Forum 2003 awards - click here
2004 Thierry Henry (Pirates) The Backpacker Everlovin' Antichrist (Lions) Roosterboy60 (Lions) Bluebags
45.1 out of 50
Forum 2004 awards - click here
2005 Thierry Henry (Pirates) antonius Thickos (Raiders) Willow (Bluebags) Eels
450 out of 500
Forum 2005 awards - click here
2006 Jesbass (Warriors) antonius Jesbass (Warriors) Willow (Bluebags)
-joint winners-
Vaealikis Girl (Eels)
Bluebags 446 out of 500 Forum 2006 awards - click here
2007 Everlovin' Antichrist (Bluebags) antonius rayroxon (Warriors) Willow (Bluebags)
-joint winners-
Misanthrope (Knights)
Bluebags 451 out of 500 Forum 2007 awards - click here
2008 Amadean (Titans) Pistol Titanic (Titans) bartman (Eels) Titans 449 out of 500 Forum 2008 awards - click here
2009 LeagueNut (Panthers) Pistol Non Terminator (Roosters) Willow (Bluebags) Bluebags 452 out of 500 Forum 2009 awards - click here

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