The F7s All Stars

The Forum Sevens All Stars is made up of players from the 'Team of the Year' - as decided on the F7s Awards night as season's end.

Like their counterparts, The Marauders, the F7s All Stars have no clubhouse, no playing roster and no home ground. But unlike The Marauders, not just anyone can play for The F7s All Stars.

The F7s All Stars first ever match was an exhibition match against The Marauders in February-March 2010. The F7s All Stars first ever captain was Bluebags skipper Willow. The in inaugural F7s All Stars team named: Willow (c), Titanic (vc), LeagueNut, madunit, miccle. Res: tits&tans, Jesbass. Four players were able to play.

Players who have played for The F7s All Stars

Player Name Origin Year(s) Total Games
(for F7s All Stars)
Willow Bluebags 2010 (c), 2011 (c) 2
Titanic Titans 2010 (vc), 2011 2
miccle Souths 2010 1
madunit Panthers 2010 1
Azkatro Panthers 2011 1
Bubbles Rabbitohs 2011 1
Drew-sta Bluebags 2011 1
Year Opponent Result W/L Match Link
2010 Marauders Marauders 339 - All Stars 338 L
2011 Marauders Marauders 443 - All Stars 442 L

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