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2004 Possibles vs Probables Tournament
The 2004 Forum Sevens Possibles v Probables (PVP) tournament is made up of 8 teams: 4 newcomer teams (Possibles) who will face off against 4 current teams (Probables).
The PVP is effectively a series of trial matches before the 2005 season kicks off.

The idea behind the PVP is to give teams an opportunity to show that they can field a full team and play at a level where they can compete in the full Forum Sevens competition of 2005.
The PVP also allows for new referees to gain experience prior to the 2005 season.

Win lose or draw, the PVP teams with the best organisation will be considered when the invitations for the 2005 Forum Sevens competition are issued, early in the New Year.

For the F7s Rules
Winning the PVP is not the main criteria, although ii obviously helps.

The PVP tournament is designed so that each team gets a minimum of two matches.

The tournament will run for a minimum of three rounds and will start with four games: ‘Possibles’ verses Probables’. Teams were drawn from two boxes: one team at a time from each box.

Winners of round 1 advance to round 2, and the Shield Semi Final.
Losers of round 1 advance to round 2, and the Plate Semi Final.

Losers in round 2 are eliminated from the tournament. (Please note that this does not necessarily mean no invitation will be issued to join the F7s).

Winners in round 2 advance to their respective Shield and Plate Finals.

There is the option for the undefeated Shield winners to accept a challenge from the Plate winners (who lost one match in round 1). If the challenge is issued and the Shield winners accept, both these teams will play off in a PVP CUP FINAL at a date which is agreeable to both captains.

The newcomers (possibles):
South Florida Bulls; Canberra Raiders; NZ Warriors; Glebe Dirty Reds
Some current teams (probables):
East Coast Rhinos; Penrith Panthers; Parramatta Eels; Newtown Bluebags

Round 1: Sunday 7th November - Wednesday November 17th (9pm Syd time)
Possibles v Probables
Bulls 41.3
Rhinos 41.1
Bulls win
Ref: Captain Dread
Full match
Panthers 41.2
Panthers win
Ref: Gorilla
Full match
Warriors 16.8
Eels 42.8
Eels win
Ref: antonius
Full match
Dirty Reds 42.7
Bluebags 42.6
Dirty Reds win
Ref: antonius
Full match

Round 2 (Semi-finals):
Sunday 21st November - Wednesday December 1st (9pm Syd time)
Panthers 42.3
Bulls win

Ref: Yakstorm
Full match
Eels 42.1
Dirty Reds 42.8
Dirty Reds win
Ref: Captain Dread
Full match
Raiders 39.6
Raiders win

Ref: skeepe
Full match
Bluebags 41.5
Bluebags win
Ref: Gorilla
Full match

Round 3 (Finals):
Sunday 5th December - Wednesday December 15th (9pm Syd time)
Bulls 50.7 defeated Dirty Reds 50.5
(extra time) Ref: skeepe
Bulls win 2004 PVP Shield
Full match
Raiders 44.1 defeated Bluebags 43.3
Ref: frank
Raiders win 2004 PVP Plate
Full match

Round 4 (Cup Final):
Sunday 6th February 2005 - Wednesday February 16th (9pm Syd time)
PVP CUP FINAL 2004-2005
Bulls v Raiders
Raiders 425
defeated Bulls 416
Ref: frank
Full match

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