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Captain's knock 2005
Post match comments

Round 3
Rhinos Vs Panthers
Cheers Ref, quick marking there.
Congrats to the Panthers on five articles and a deserved win.
Thanks for the good reads all!
- bartman (Rhinos)

Well Done Az on your article and to everyone who played.
It was a weird round, thats for sure.
HAHAH I agree with my comments Captain Dread, I think I should stick to what I do best, thats serious articles and leave the comedy to someone else. Wasn't my best effort, hehe.
Good effort Rhino's, you'll bounce back hard don't worry.
My boys, 2 - 1 this season, things starting to look good again. Well done.
Big Mick (Panthers)

Raiders Vs Pirates
Thanks antonius for the refereeing, great game Pirates - some high quality articles there from both teams.
I'll be going back to a 'normal' article in the future - that one was too painful!
- thickos (Raiders)

Victory again to the mighty Raiders.
Firstly cheers to antonius for the prompted marking, thanks.
Second Kudos Pirates that one was a close on!!
And in particular Prince Charles for MOTM
Some top quality articles there, good luck to you guys for the rest of the season!
And finally to my boys, top win! In a week we we really looked like we might struggle to feild all 5 we managed to pull it all together, Greeneyed and Thickos again (as usual) our saving graces. Consistancy is the key boys, and like our NRL counterparts we are still UNDEFEATED!!
- Raider_69 (Raiders)

Well done everyone. Congrats Raiders and thanks Antonius for reffing....
Prince Charles (Pirates)

Easts Vs Eels
Hooray, hoorah. Told you it was a cracker piece eloquentEel! And great work Bazza. That final blow did it! Well done both teams.
- 1eyedeel (Eels)

Good, close match. Both teams "turned up to play" and we were just good enough to get the biscuits.
Cheers for the match Easts, and cheers for reffing so quickly antonius.
- eloquentEEL (Eels)

Thanks for the quick results Antonius! And thanks for the match Easts, we only just got you. It was a tough one!
Good work to my team! Some great articles there. Congrats eloquent on man of the match and thanks Bazza for getting that article in despite the computer problem.
- Vaealikis Girl (Eels)

Congratulations Eels great match.
All my team mates are champs of the highest order.
Even the hickups of computer malfunctions cant stop the Forum 7 machine from running, almost on time.......
- roosterspremiers2002 (Easts)

Thanks to the EEls - they were just too good on the day..thanks Antonius for your efforts in getting our posts back on when the system went down and well played Easts.
- ozzie (Easts)

Bluebags Vs Sharks
Well done to all teams in what was a weird round of F7s.
Thanks ref for marking. Congrats to the Sharks and good luck for the season ahead.
Top points Genius Freak. Great stuff.
- Willow (Bluebags)

Well done to our guys, especially to Pando and SirShire whose commitment and articles are second to none in my eyes. You guys are the Men Of The Match every week for us in my eyes.
Top article by Genius Freak, proving once again how brilliant he is at Forum 7's.
Comiserations to Newtown, it's always a great match whenever we play you, and this was another of those occasions. Good luck to you for the rest of the season.
- madunit (Sharks)

Thank you ball boys, thank you linesmen.
I wake up in Amsterdam, and find we've won the Forum Sevens. Well done to the entire Sharks side, and best of luck to the Bluebags for the rest of the season.
- Genius Freak (Sharks)

Bulls v Lions
Our first win.
Thank you very much to mystique for the marking, and to the Lions for the great competition.
- Bomber (Bulls)

Congrats to our team in securing our first win of the season!
Thanks to the Lions and the ref, well played to all.
To borrow a line from the wrestler Goldberg, "Who's next ?"
- Broncodroid (Bulls)

Thanks for the game Bulls. Good luck for the rest of the Season.
A pretty bad start to the Season for the Lions, let's lift and defeat the Eels next Round.
Thanks to Ref mystique to.
Well done Bulls.
- roosterboy60 (Lions)

Dirty Reds Vs Souths
Coors? That's just a wee bit better than asking an Australian to actually drink a Fosters when sober, isn't it...
...I used to live eight blocks from the Capital Brewery in Middleton, Wisconsin, where Kloster Weisen is brewed - they have a real beer garden, with live jazz on the summer weekend evenings - goes great with all their fresh beer on tap and bratwurst ;) <sigh>
Ah well, lads - we'll get 'em next time - and nicely done, Souths....
....and Gorilla, if you ever get up my way, I can take you on a beer tour - five other Wisconsin breweries besides Capital Brewery that put Coors to shame (as well as shaming our local macro-brewer, Miller ) (wait a sec - they licence Fosters here in the US )
- Cake or Death (Dirty Reds)

Congrats on a tight win, Souths.
Geez, you're a hard man to please, gorilla. :)
To the Dirty Reds, bad luck, and buck up. We'll be back with a vengeance next week.
- chriswalkerbush ( Dirty Reds)

great game guys, well done to the Souths boys for getting their first win of the season.
Chin up Reds, well played.
- Seano (Souths)

Been great captaining the rabbitohs of our first win of the season, Great stuff Reds for the great game, tropical smooth win Rabbits, Clevo for player of the year.
- Robster (Souths)

Phew! That was a tough one....
- Clevo (Souths)

Round 2
Eels Vs Pirates

Thanks for the quick results Captain Dread.
Congrats Pirates, some top articles in there.
Also thanks to my team for getting some really great posts in at such short notice. Tough luck this time but let's fire up for next round.
- Vaealikis Girl (Eels)

Good game Eels. Unlucky really, half's now spent for the season imo. Hope he proves me wrong.
- Thierry Henry (Pirates)

Bluebags Vs Easts
Cheers ref antonius. Cheers for the marking. Thanks to Easts, better luck next time.
Congrats to Morticia and Moffo for their persons of the match award.
Great effort Bags... two rounds and two wins. *thumbs up* and time to savour the delights of warm tiles and bubbles.
- Willow (Bluebags)

The scores would have made this a close one if the Bags didnt have an overlap.
- ozzie (Easts)

Sharks Vs Souths
Thanks ref and congrats to the Sharks.
Souths have to dig themselves out of this hole.
- Seano (Souths)

Great game guys. Thanks Seano & the Bunnies for a great match. As for us Sharkies, lets keep up the good work for next round! Congrats Clevo on the MOTM article - great read! And a big thanks to Pando for his great article and his editing of all our articles - thanks mate!
- SirShire (Sharks)

Thanks to Seano, Rabs, Dogs Of War and Clevo for their sportsmanship. It was great playing against you guys.
Well done Sharkies. The winning streak is about to begin Top articles by Pando and SirShire too. Things are picking up!
- madunit (Sharks)

Bulls Vs Panthers
Thanks for the quick marking Antonius!
Well done all ... and it's great to see the Panthers back on the winners circle!
- LeagueNut (Panthers)

Raiders Vs Lions
Thanks Mystique for the marking, a job well done.
After a breif holiday it was good to get back here and see the mighty green machine continue marching on, 2 from 2 boys and on to next week with another undefeated team in the Pirates.
To the lions, unlucky guys, was a close game. 5 points seperating the teams at fulltime, look forward to seeing you guys in the finals, Good luck for the rest of the season... even you jed.
- Raider_69 (Raiders)

Well Done Raiders, you look like you will be contesting the Finals series this season. Good luck.
To the Lions we only lost by 5 points in a very close game so don't worry about it. We can bounce back against the Bulls.
Thanks to the Ref for marking.
- roosterboy60 (Lions)

Dirty Reds Vs Rhinos
Thanks to the interchange referee, and congrats to the Dirty Reds!
- bartman (Rhinos)

Congrats to Cake or Death on a crackerjack score, and to the entire team on some good individual results.
Commiserations to the Rhinos, one more post probably would have secured you a win. It's not a pretty way for us to secure our first win, but we'll take it.
- chriswalkerbush ( Dirtry Reds)

Wow - MOM, after a first class article by Mzilikazi that deserved the honour as well, imho...
...Rhinos will certainly be a force to be reckoned with on any given gameday - solid articles like "Grounds for Concern" by Hightown Tiger are examples of why (a very nice article, one that I bookmarked for my future reference)...
...well done, all - especially kudos for Willow to come on as the interchange ref at such short notice...
...and back to the meat grinder we all go <whistles the Colonel Bogey March from "Bridge Over the River Kwai" as he peruses the league wires...>
- Cake or Death (Dirty Reds)

Round 1
Lions v Dirty Reds
Good game Reds. Thanks Capt Dread. Good start to the year Lions, we can only improve from this. Well done!
- roosterboy60 (Lions)

Nice result boys, especially against such a classy outfit. Great effort from all involved.
Top effort guys, and thanks for the MoM Dread. My highest mark ever!
- chriswalkerbush (Dirty Reds)

Raiders v Bulls (PVP Cup)
Personal Best for me!!
Firstly thanks to Mystique for the quick marking, top effort. Also top efforts bulls, as i suspect a very tight game, you guys will be a top contender this year, good luck for the rest of the year
To the raiders, great first half effort, a win to get us on our way to the prize, well done lads, if we keep this quailty up then we'll be hard to beat!
- Raider_69 (Raiders)

Enjoy the PvP Cup Raiders team.
The Bulls will bounce back, good luck in Round 2 and many thanks for the online "pats on the back", the game as a whole was played in the spirit intended which is what makes a loss that much easier to cop.
- Broncodroid (Bulls)

Eels Vs Panthers
Good game Panthers, great way to start the season and it's great to see us Eels start with a win after taking so long to register our first last year. This is our year! (hopefully).
Congrats to Eloquent too on splitting the MotM, I challenge you to a 1500 word essay on Paul Carige, the pros and cons, to decide who takes home the trophy and $1000 State Bank MotM cheque.
Thanks as well to Gorilla for reffing, and nice shoes..
- Goleel (Eels)

yeh good on ya eels.
- Big Mick (Panthers)

Rhinos Vs Bluebags
Congrats on MOTM Mzilikazi!
Thank you for the very close game, Rhinos!
- MysteryGirl (Bluebags)

Great job by the O.C. Very close.
Excellent Bluebags and top stuff MysteryGirl as (c).
Congrats JoeD on his first competition game at F7s first grade level!
Can't get a better start to defending the title.
- Wal (Bluebags)

Congrats to all posters for a good read!
Thanks Ref and good luck Newtown with your season.
- bartman (Rhinos)

Souths Vs Easts (Foundation Cup)
[Yakstorm] has been here from the start of this competition when it started on WORL. I played in the first comp and he was a tower of strenth standing against adversities put in his far as i am concerned. Without him and Willow this game would not exist.
Thanks for the marking of the game Antonius and welll done Roosters...well played Seano.
you have a vg team.
- ozzie (Easts)

Thanks ballboys, linesmen and ref.
Also those Bondi boys.
Well played everyone and Ozzie it looks like the Foundation Cup is yours again.
- Seano (Souths)

Sharks Vs Pirates
Thanks to Frank for the refereeing, top job mate.
Thanks to the Pirates, well done on the win.
Congratulations to Godz Illa and SirShire for their articles, very well deserved MOTM awards.
Comiserations for us guys, but there were a lot of new faces to forum 7's in the game and you all went brilliantly. Looking forward to more of the same quality stuff in the future.
- madunit (Sharks)

Much love and respect to my teammates, without whom this would not be possible. And also to the ref Frank, of whom I have always been an avid admirer. If only he was on the Australian selection panel back in 99, the world may be a better place.
Kudos to the Sharks for making us earn our victory, thus making it twice as sweet.
- Godz Illa (Pirates)

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