Captain's knock 2004

Captain's post match comments

Grand Final

Sharks vs Bluebags

"Thanks ref antonius and thanks to the Sharks for being great sports throughout the year. Better luck next season... if this is anything to go on, 2005 may very well be your year. Bloody marvellous effort from ALL the Bluebags of 2004 who played this year and deserve this victory: 1. Willow 2. Nook 3. legend 4. Chook 6. MysteryGirl 7. Moffo 8. Godz Illa 9. frank 10. Rex 11. Gorilla 12. Hoggy 13. Hass 14. Wal 15. Earl It's been hard work and fun. Well done everyone!"
- Willow (Bluebags)

"Well done Newtown.
Thanks antonius.
And a very big congratulations to my Sharkies. No idea how we ever got this far, but it was one hell of an effort and it was awesome playing with you guys.

*Jump on my horse and ride into the sunset*

Thank god its over. I couldn't have written another word..."

- Captain Dread aka El Garbo (Sharks)

Well done Newtown on a fine effort. I'm astonished and proud just to be part of such a high-standard contest, let alone going within 0.2 of winning it!

This Cronulla team has rode the highs and lows of the F7s. We placed 2nd in the Minor Premiership after embarking on a massive winning streak to keep our chances alive - a streak ended by the Bags. I guess it's your revenge after we kicked a field-goal against you in the last minute to win in the minor premiership rounds.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Newtown and my team for a sensational effort. While I've got the mic, I need to acknowledge the fine contributions of Captain Dread, El Coconuto and Mr Angry who are all now retired. Mr Angry only played this season but established himself as a quality player and heads to the refereeing ranks. Heading in the same direction is Captain Dread, another long-term contributor. El Coconuto is undoubtedly the greatest player in Forum 7s history and will be irreplacable. Special thanks to the latter two who were co-captains with me this season and we wouldn't have got this far without their efforts.

Minus three figures already, and a Grand Final loss, I will be staying on next season. After three full seasons, the idea bank is dry but this great game always throws up issues which I am banking on to continue my career. That having been said, we're desperate for players next season. There's no way I'll be able to play every match with my VCE next year. So to all potential players out there, there's a spot for you at the Runners-Up!"

- Tamazoid (Sharks)

"It was the game the pundits couldn't predict. The unprecented eight-game winning streakers vs the perennial powerhouse and early season favourites. The match certainly didn't dissapoint, with Grand Final's experience getting the Bluebags over the line.

Special congradulations to the Newtown Bluebags. You are a team for the ages, one who I feel will always be a powerhouse in this competition so long as your club shall live. I take off my hat to your team, well done lads and ladettes.

To my own Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks, guys, hold your chins up high and be proud to have been grand finalists in such a great competition. We truly have earnt our place in history alongside the champion Bluebags.

A big thank-you to Captain Dread/El Garbo whose leadership has earnmarked him one of the most loved characters in the club. His dedication to the Cronulla Sharks Franchise is truly touching. To Tamazoid, who was my first captain nearly twenty-one months ago, it has been a pleasure. Genius, our iron man, you become one of the leaders of the new team.

Also, a big ups to Salmon, our super-sub who admirably played his way into the big one, well done and good luck with your HSC. Mr Angry, McSharkie and madunit (The three M's) your efforts won't be forgotten. This team and these friendships, have found a place in my heart.

Thanks to antonius for his reffing efforts, and also to salivor, Mystique and our beloved backpacker. This game wouldn't have been civil without your patience and dilligence.

Finally, a special thank you to Steven Williams aka Willow, who raised this game up to the level that it now sits. Thank you for breathing life into a competition that has meant so much to many of us. Thank you for providing me with the opportunities to do what I love - write. You are a bonafide legend in my books mate.

Thank you to everyone who competed in this competition and made it the success it was. Season 2004 will never be forgotten.

I leave the game a wounded soldier - but a thoroughly satisfied human being. Good luck, and God Bless each of you.

Signing out one last time,
El Coconuto."

- El Coconuto (Sharks)

This is it !

*tips beer all over the coaster*
*sprays can (KB) all over Willow*
Can't beat this !

Fellow Bags - I dips me lid to all and every one of youse, not only this years team but those that have gone with us since the inception of forum posting.

Congratulations to the Sharks - great team and well played, we Bags know what it's like to be runners up.

Every team has given us a hard match - good on yers, it shaped our season,

we came here through the hard route, and
we never, ever lost confidence.

Thank you Antonius and ballgirls,
thanks to all the refs this season - I hope to be with you next season.

Also a special to the reserves for any of our matches - it's hard to not run on, but everyone is equal in the Bags and, having been on the bench this season (and having started from it in 2002) - the team comes first and is supported by all.

gatheraround Bags:

When you're a Bag,
You're a Bag all the way
From your first cigarette
To your last dyin' day.

When you're a Bag,
Let 'em do what they can.
You got brothers around,
You're a family man!

Then you are free
With a capital B,
Which you'll never forget
Till they cart you away.
When you're a Bag,
You stay a Bag!
(walk around the dressing room, drinking and clicking your fingers)

Here come the Bags,
Yeah! An' we're gonna down
Ev'ry last fuggin' team
On the whole fuggin' town!
On the whole ever-mother-lovin' town!

The sherry and cheese and lettuce sandwiches are on the strapper's table,
(Rex, come over here and taste this steak sanger...., bring that little silver flask as well).

Everyone, come in and have a beer, the spa's full and we're gunna be as well !

Third year proves it: "We are the champions of the WORL"

Get in to it !
Stop bogarting that ceegar......."

- Gorilla (Bluebags)

"First and foremost, I'd like to say it's a great honour for the Bluebags to have won The Backpacker Memorial Shield. Named after a top bloke who deserves his own Hall Of Fame. This one is for you mate.

I'd also like to thank the Sharks for being there on Grand Final day. Most people had written you off early in the season, but the sparkle was there and you were destined to carry it through to a successful year. As El Coco said, you played an eight game winning streak and that's something to be proud of. I have no doubt that the Sharks possess the very essence of sportsmanship and fair play... and will be the team to watch in F7s 2005.

To the referees: You invariably cop unfair criticism and undue pressure... but I can assure you that most of the people, most of the time, respect your decisions and appreciate the hard work you put in. Without the refs, we have no competition.

To the Bluebags: Well what can say? 2004 premiers! How good was that?

When we started in 2002, we found ourselves entering an unfriendly cauldron inhabited by matto clones, wearing jackboots and looking for ways to burn us alive at the first opportunity. We were semi-finalists and knocked out in controversial circumstances. But we didnít lose heartÖ the Bluebags are made of sterner stuff.

We backed up in 2003, ready to take on all comers. But without warning, the F7s competition was cut off at the knees. A few hardy souls took up the challenge to revive the F7s with players becoming administrators and referees becoming players.... all with one thing in common: we refused to throw in the towel.

And our charter was simple: finish the 2003 season and keep the F7s going.

And finish it we did with Easts, Bluebags, Souths and Panthers all making the semi-finals while stalwarts from Parramatta, Bulldogs, Sharks, Broncos, Rhinos, and Dragons did what they could with few personnel.

2003 was an extraordinary, if not incredible, season of true grit... the mighty Easts Roosters side ultimately outclassing the Newtown Bluebags in the grand final.

The 2004 comp was fantastic. With teams from 2002 and 2003 re-forming, the growth of the F7s was assured. Next year is looking to be even better.

But I digress...

Throughout this year, the Bluebags fielded 5 players every match as did our opponents. We never had one match against a diminished team and we wouldnít have it any other way.

This is a victory for the Bluebags of 2004 and the full team list has already been mentioned in my earlier post. But Iíd also like to dedicate this victory to the 2002 team. This included many from the current squad as well as players like Bomber, Bender, ozbash and roopy who were all there from day one.
We also have a great future with a solid troop of new players standing up in 2004.

On a personal note and apologies for the self-indulgence... regarding next season, I feel that Iíve done as much as I can. I've been writing F7s essays for three seasons now.

Iíll still be there in 2005 to make sure the F7s have a home and the F7s website is kept up-to-date. But Iíll be looking for others to take up the baton now.
I can assure you all that whatever happens, the competition will be left in good hands and that there will always be a home for the F7s here at the Front Row forums.

In addition, Iíll do what I can to make sure the Bluebags have a squad for 2005Ö but I wonít be seeking nomination for the captaincy. It's time for some new blood.

Thanks again.... it's a grand feeling.

Good luck one and all and have great off-season.


- Willow (Bluebags)

Preliminary Final

Souths vs Bluebags

"Well well well. I go away for 2 days and the roof caves in... nah just kiddin. Congratulations to the Bag's and the Sharks and heres hoping for a great grand final.

Thanks ref and anyone else who has helped out throughout the year."

- Seano (Souths)

"Thanks Mystique and commiserations to the Rabbitohs. Better luck next year.

Congrats to Terracsider on MOTM.

Well done bags... next stop... Grand Final. "

- Willow (Bluebags)


Souths v Sharks (Major Semi-Final)

"To say im dissapointed is a massive understatement - but we have to re-focus now and try to stop the bluebags who are in ominous form.

Congratulations to the Sharkies, a thoroughly deserving winner.

Fire up Rabbits"

- Seano (Souths)

"Well, despite all sorts of pre-game drama, we snagged the win. And a fine effort too, especially from the kiddies who had to drag themselves off the bench in the dying minutes of the match. We're into the Grand Final. See you there in a few weeks time... Good luck, thankyou and goodnight."

- Captain Dread (Sharks)

"Wow, what an honour.

What a dazzling display from the Souths Rabbitoh's too. Great stuff guys and best of luck against the bluebags in the upcoming game. That's going to be at cracker that the boys from the Shire will watch with much anticipation. Good luck to the bluebags too. May you put on the usual show you always do.

To my fellow Sharkies, well done guys. We made it to the big one, and there's no sign of the run stopping. As Genius said, the question we must ask is how do we top that? I think the answer lays in the heart of another solid performance. Well done lads, I'm proud to lineup alongside each of you"

- El Coconuto (Sharks)

Bluebags v Lions (Minor Semi-Final)

"Tremendous effort from the Lions. I know all the Bluebags will agree that was a great pleasure to play on the same pitch with you guys and that you're not a team to be taken lightly. Best of luck in 2005.

Thanks antonius and well done to the mighty Bags... congrats to Moffo for MOTM... that last 5 minutes made all the difference."

- Willow (Bluebags)

"Well done to Newtown, and good luck with your run to a premiership.

For my guys, I'm not going to say to much in here, but I just wanted to say well done to all of you.


Oh and thanks Antonius for not just this game, but for all of the season."

- roosterboy60 (Lions)

Eels v Panthers

"I have a splendid time playing for the Panthers this season, and was very much appreciative to get a run in so many games. Disappointing end for us, especially after a tough season with many 0.1 losses. However I'm pleased with my debut year and my final article (even though I didn't get a comment! lol).

To the eels, great game, and wish you all the best luck for next year too.

Thanks mystique for reffing, you win a free pelican.

Best of luck to the rest of the penrith boys, many of you will get selected in the tri-series at the end of the year (Hopefully I'll take some of you on in the NZ colours ) Cheers guys... Forum sevens is truly a fantastic competition. I had a grand time playing this year, and wish it wouldn't be such a long wait until the next comp starts."

- [furrycat] (Panthers)

"Cheers for the game everyone, Panthers players, Mystique for reffing, and of course, the Eels guys. It's been a pleasure sharing the field of battle with you this season, I think we've put in some top efforts this year and have a great base for next season. Also, a sad goodbye to ParraDaze, DvdHntr, David Sterling, he's been a great player for us this year and I don't think the Eels will be the same without him. This victory is for you, mate.

Bring on 2005!"

- Goleel (Eels)

Rhinos v Souths

"I'd like to thank the Rabbitohs for a fantastic match, It was always going to be close. You have a fantastic team and are a force to be reckoned with, I believe you are premiership favourites. You have been very consistent and I believe you have the best captain in the game. Congratulations on your Finals Campaign. I wish you all the best from the Rhinos.

To my boys, We have had a fantastic season, I must say we started super but ended quite bad. Losing I think 4 on the trot. Next Season will be a different story. There will be no second best, We are finals contenders next season.

I'd like to thank the whole team for a fantastic effort, You all stood up this game and gave it your best, I appreciate that, We had a couple of slight problems with Crocman being banned and some late minute changes but Jimbo did a fantastic job in getting our highest score in a rushed job.

Miccle, You are outstanding, I have never seen someone so determined and I really am such a please captain whenever you take the field. You are seriously the Lockyer of the Broncos. I can't wait to play with you again in 2005. We will be better then ever next season.

I would love to thank Antonius, Definately a great referee and refereed such a close encounter, I don't know how much pressure would be on you guys when refereeing a game that means so much to us. Thank You.

Last off, I'd like to thank the whole competiting for a great season, And trying not to act cocky, But 3 rounds ago most people would of thought Rhinos are definatly in the finals if not probables of Minor Premiers. It shows you how close the competition is. And If i had to give the 4th spot away to any team, If'd definately be the Lions, Congratulations EA and the team, Wish you all the best in your run into the finals campaign.

Good Night and Fair Well for 2004. What a year!"

- ParraMatt (Rhinos)

"Well done boys, thats a great result.

Thanks to Antonius for reffing and the Rhinos boys for a good match.

Congrats to the Rhinos, you guys have played well all season and best of luck for the finals.

To my boys: woot! We have really played well this season I feel. And if not for one bad performance we would be minor premiers irrespective of other results.

Congratulations again!"

- Seano (Souths)

Easts v Pirates

"God dammit. One more semi decent post and we'd have won that. Disappointing way to miss the four.

Congrats to the Pirates on getting a win, your articles were top notch.

To Easts, thanks for a great season, and we can only get bigger and better in 2005. It's been a blast playing with the crew, and we'll be better for the experience of having fallen short this year."

- chriswalkerbush (Easts)

"congratulations roosters. you've been our toughest opponent all season. brave performance by mojo as player of the match, but nibbs was the real star imho"

- half (Pirates)

Lions v Bluebags

"Well, we have made it to the Semi's after being so close to the wooden spoon three rounds ago. Well done to the Bluebags on this game, and I'm sure it'll be another great game when we meet in the first week of the Semi's. GO YOU LIONS!"

- roosterboy60 (Lions)

"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Morbi tellus quam, aliquam quis, elementum at, consectetuer vitae, erat.

which translates into - Well done Lions. See ya in the semis."

- Rex (Bluebags)

Round 8

Souths v Eels

"Great work by both teams, the score reflects just how close this game was.

Bring on the minor premiership against the Rhinos next round."

- Seano (Souths)

"Thanks to Souths for the game and Antonius for refereeing!

Also thanks to everyone who posted for the Eels, we made a late comeback but they just held us out. Lost by .2 geez that's a tough game. Congrats on the win bunnies!"

- Vaealikis Girl (Eels)

Panthers v Easts

"Well done to both teams.

Panthers. Its great to finally have a win and going into the final round, its all hands on deck, we want that finals birth.

Roosters. Congrats to your team, when we play they are always great matches and it took you guys to make us get our highest score of the season, that is a testimony to the respect we have for your team.

For Backpacker, he was a legend and will always be remembered and I propose, if it isn't too hurtful for Morticia, that we name something after him. Like a shield or something.

To Azkatro. mate, well done. YOur such a talented writer and this just took it to another level to an imaculate writer.

Well done and well deserved.

Congrats to everyone and thanks to Antonious for reffing."

- Big Mick (Panthers)

"Tony, thank you so much for your reffing. You do the game proud.

Big Mick, well bloody done. Azkatro, your article epitomises the forum 7's.

The Easts players gave it there all. I couldn't have wished to be a part of a better group of people."

- Penelope Pittstop (Easts)

Bluebags v Rhinos

"Thanks heaps to all the Rhinos for making this a memorable match and to the ref for taking the time to mark it.

And to our youngest geriatric, Moffo... what can I say? A GTHO champion and king of the mountain, he came screaming into Conrod straight at 129.91km/h to take out the MOTM and win it for the mighty Bluebags.

Way to go bags... the minor premiership beckons!."

- Willow (Bluebags)

"Thanks ref. ...

Congratulations Bluebags on your efforts. Well deserved win. Good luck in your finals campaign. To the Rhinos, next time boys. Bring on souths."

- ParraMatt (Rhinos)

Sharks v Pirates

"From dead last going into round three to a finals berth and the possibility at bringing the minor premiership back to the leagues club. The rebuilding process is complete, but the main objective still looms large: finals success! Unluck Pirates, but hopefully you will give it another shake up next season. Good stuff lads and thanks for marking that salivor. Cheers and see you all gain soon!

PS: We had such a ball this season that we thought we'd snap ourselves this weekend. Here is your Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks Forum Sevens team."

- El Coconuto (Sharks)

Round 7

Roosters v Souths

"It feels like a while since we have had a good win, so hopefully this will steady the ship somewhat. Congratulations to both the Easts and Souths boys for, as usual, a great match."

- Seano (Souths)

"Well done to the Rabbitohs on winning the innaugural Foundation Cup. I feel we made too many mistakes in the ruck area, and you took all your opportunities and converted them. Nice to finally see some silverware in the Souths Cabinet. Looking forward to getting square next time"

- melon.... (Roosters)

Bluebags v Eels

"That was one of the toughest matches we've played this year and looking at the scores, it came down to last minute, the last tackle, and the last play.

Thanks to Eels for an excellent showing and thanks to antonius for reffing so quickly.

Congrats to the mighty Godz Illa for the MOTM... way to go team!

Match report:

A phalanx of contenders mobilized to attack the monster, only to be crushed like so many toy tanks under Godz Illa's mighty feet.

Godz Illa soon reduced the forum to searing and consuming flames. Just as abruptly, he rumbled back beneath the waves, leaving all to tremble in fear of his return. Forum 7s life would never be the same.

- Plagiarised from the Flame Warriors."

- Willow (Bluebags)

Panthers v Sharks

"Pass the piŮata, it's time to celebrate. One game away from the finals, baby! First the Panthers, next the Pirates and then onto the world! Also, well done team."

- El Garbo (Sharks)

"Well, another heartbreaker for the panthers, the only way is up from here. Full Credit to Cronulla, their perenial rise in this competition puts them in good sted for the finals, and I wish them all the best, as they approach their first finals appearance. They are well led by various captains and with the talent of El C, Madunit, El Garbo and genius in their team, who could deny them. They have shown that when they get 5 on the park, they're a force to be reckoned with so i wish them all the best for the season.

Well done, and your players who had words to me, this afternoon after my horrible and uncalled for rant, are a credit to your team and to this competition. YOur a team i have always respected and now I respect more. Thank you."

-Big Mick (Panthers)

Rhinos v Lions

"Thanks Referee and to the Lions for a great game. Second loss for the season. We will have to dig deep now and must win one of our next two to secure ourselves in the finals. Good game to my team aswell. Well played Miccle as usuall. Your like the Nathan Hindmarsh of Parramatta. Always plays well. Also Yakstorm and Jimbo played mighty well as usuall. To the other two debut starters in Eels Dude and Dodge. Great Efforts boys and you will only get better as we get closer to the finals. Well Played. Must win game next round boys. Get your best articles ready."

- ParraMatt (Rhinos)

"Well, for a team that was coming equal last coming into this round, to beat the team coming first I think is a great effort!

To the Rhinos: I think in this game you showed that you will be up there when it counts, good luck in the finals.

To my teammates, well done.....and we are on the late charge to the Finals.


- Roosterboy60 (Lions)


"Thanks heaps ref salivor... excellent and quick service.

Cheers to the Queenslanders... better luck next year. Some great posts there.

Great victory to the mighty Blues!!!! Congrats to El Coco for the MOTM.

Hit the tub... open the esky. Everyone's invited!"

- Willow (NSW)

"Well, a heartbreaker for the Queenslanders.

As your Captain, I am immensely proud of you guys for going so great and performing to your best.

I tried my best and hope I lead you well.

To Skeepe, it's disappointing that you couldn't post, but that's life and I hope you stay in rep teams in the future as you are a talent and a half.

Thanks Salivor for marking the game, very well done, and very pleased with my equal top article with El C with 8.7. Thank you very much.

To NSW, extremely well done. It would have been extremely close should we have gotten a 7th poster, maybe 0.2 or something in it. But you are worthy winners and congrats to Willow, and in particular El C for his MOM performance, great read.

Well done my boys, chin up, we'll get em next year."

- Big Mick (QLD)

Round 6

Bluebags v Roosters

" WOW, how good is a win at home, yeah, baby !

Hear those car horns honking !! See those headlights flashing !! Great match Roosters, well done and some fab-reading posts.

Thank you ref (very quick and painless), thank you touch-ups, and ball-girls.

Well done, you excruciatingly, tingly, superciliously-smooth Bagmen ! Thanks Willow for holding my dick at the troughÖ..

OK, fill the spa, break out the cigars and tap that second keg - let's party like its 1979 !

Onwards, ever upwards !"

- Gorilla (Bluebags)

"A quick glance around the Easts dressing room brings a tear of pride to the eyes of this old warhorse. What a gutsy effort from our team. We gave it our all but sadly fell short. Words cannot express the honour I felt leading the team.

The Newtown crew are an awesome side. You were too big, too fast & too strong. You have extraordinary talent & the team that beats you wins this competition. Congrats to Gorilla on his MOM effort.

Thanks to Salivor for his fair reffing. See you Bluebags in the finals."

- Big Poppa Bump (Roosters)

"Well done Bags, now where are those cocktail onions Goz promised. Thanx Sali !! Another great match up between our teams."

- Penelope Pittstop (Roosters)

Souths v Sharks

"Whoa. What a crazy game. Our threadbare team skins another of the more-fancied opponents. Big wrap also to madunit on debut - hopefully this will be the start of something beautiful."

- El Garbo (Sharks)

Pirates v Panthers

"Everyone deserves a pat on the bum, especially Thierry Henry. What a guy ."

- half (Pirates)

Lions v Eels

"After a lot of hard work our effort's have finally paid off and we have gotten our second win. I'd like to say thanks to Mystique for refereeing the game and to E.A. and the Lions for a good competitive match.

A big congratulations to all our players for such a great effort every round. One player in particular who really gave it their all this round was e2w with a great score for his article! Keep up the good work Eels and bring on the next round!!!"

- Vaealikis Girl (Eels)

Round 5

Sharks v Bluebags

"0.1 - The closeness of the game indicates how great all articles were. Well done to the Sharks. And well done to our boys, we will be back! The competition is heating up and the top four won't be determined until the final round. Up the Forum 7s!"

- Wal (Bluebags)

"What a game! The Bluebags pushed as all the way and now that we've won two on the trot, we're looking good for a finals berth. I'm proud of the effort we put in, both in turning up and putting on an excellent display. I won't be surprised to see several players from both teams playing in the rep season. Finally, thanks to the referee who did an excellent job and commiserations to the Bags who put up a valiant display."

- Tamazoid (Sharks)

Easts v Lions

"Thanks Lions. Thanks Roosters. Thanks Anton. Anton, you know now why I had a deep set hatred for Marathon and the Knights a while back. Thankfully the good supporters out weigh the bad and I dont have the hatred for the Knights that I used to have...that and the fact we own you now!! LOL. Cheers."

- Melon (Easts)

"Lions, give yourselfs a clap, the only team to beat the Roosters this year was the Rhinos and we came so close. And speaking to Roosters Captain Penelope Pittstop on MSN Messenger said that we were the best side they have played so far this year....GO YOU LIONS!!!!!!!

To the Roosters, 2 time premiers and looking like you'll be 3 time premiers if you keep playing that well.

Well done to all."

- Roosterboy60 (Lions)

Eels v Rhinos

"Once again a mighty effort by the boys and girls in the blue and gold, this time producing the first win of the season. And what a team to beat, the previously undefeated leaders of the comp the Rhinos. I congratulate both sides on the quality of their articles and the game just came down to consistency. This could be the start of something special for the eels but I'm just happy that we have a team that goes around each week. Sure a win is a bonus but competing is the whole point for me. I'm sure a few selectors will take notice of players from both sides and many of us will be meeting again very soon. Thankyou Rhinos."

- DvdHntr (Eels)

"Well, the important thing in life is not to have conquerered but to have played well. Congratulations to Parramatta for a fine win. Personally I feel it was it was a very solid effort but the only place where 'success' comes before 'work' is in the dictionary. In some regards, it is fortunate that we have lost now and not during the finals."

- Bomber (Rhinos)

Souths v Pirates

"nibbs: beaten by robster. lol"

- half (Pirates)

Round 4

Pirates v Rhinos

"Great win by the Rhinos, This is a Brilliant day for the Rhinos. It's our highest ever score as a team. It puts us in outright 1st position. We beat our biggest Rivals in the Competition. And it keeps us underfeated this season.

I would like to thank Mystique the Referee, She made us wait but it was well waited. Great refereeing.

I would like to thank Half and his boys for putting up a good fight, When I first read their posts im thinking, We Cant win, but then our scores were even better.

I would like to thank Miccle on the Rhinos Top score for this year so far with a 9.0, That must worry and confuse the selectors now. Great scores for Yakstorm and Paullyboy, And Tang and Gobbso all scored in the 8's aswell which is great.

Bring on the Eels."

- ParraMatt (Rhinos)

"I would like to the ParraMatt and his boys for putting up a fight. When I first read their posts I was thinking "We have to win", but then there scores were somehow better.

ps. mystique, thierry had to type: Benji ( 19 ) and Sonny-Bill ( 18 ), because without the spaces it would've looked like Benji (19) and Sonny-Bill (1. i don't think this should put him over the word count as brackets are not words

what was the delay in posting the scores about???."

- half (Pirates)

Panthers v Lions

"Well done boys, well done.

Congrats to Maelgwnau and Paul the cowboy for your great 8.8 scores that saved our butts.

Great debut for Furrycat with an 8.6, well done mate, and good on Lewis as well.

BW#1F you got your good score, and now we can build on that.

Well done lads, we got the bye next so that should see us move up the ladder.

Great Game.

To the Lions, well done, great team effort, i have no doubt you'll be back."

- Big Mick (Panthers)

Eels v Sharks

"It's great relief to finally post that first win on the board after a draw last week and a tight finish against the Premiers. We've shown promise all season and hopefully this will lead on to better things. Cronulla has proven that it has the talent now, and the ball finally started bouncing our way so we'll be looking at a golden run home into the finals.

Congratulations to Parramatta on a valiant effort. Full credit to them as they put on a great display and the match was competitive. The Eels' position on the ladder in my opinion doesn't reflect their talent at all as they should be higher based on this performance. Finally, thanks to my boys who all turned up with quality articles."

- Tamazoid (Sharks)

"Firstly i'd like to thank the Sharkies for such a tough game. They are a quality side who really pushed us to the limit. I thought we had them for a while but they just got ahead at the last minute.

I'd also like to thank Backpacker for refereeing the game.

Lastly thanks to my teammates! Everyone put in a great effort and it was disappointing to lose it by so little but we showed that we have what it takes to be a competitive side in this competition. I'd like to especially mention Louis Lambert who seems to be a bit like the Nathan Hindmarsh of our side!

Another high scoring post by him this round, his efforts continue to amaze me! Congrats to all."

- Vaealikis Girl (Eels)

Souths v Newtown

"Wow... congrats to Rex for the great MOTM effort. Tremendous come back from the whole Newtown team. Great essays from Souths and class all the way - before and after the bell.

Thanks antonius for the reffing."

- Willow (Bluebags)

Round 3

Pirates v Lions

"Damn you, Anastabation. Seriously, I'm going up to Tweed Heads to kick you ass and unlike Evilgrowler, I mean it.."

- half (Pirates)

"Congratulations Lions, a top effort. Considering the quality of your articles it was always game over once we didn't get the 5th post in. Thanks for refereeing antonius, obviously a good judge."

-Thierry Henry (Pirates)

"Congrats to Thierry on the MOM and commiserations to the Pirates for the loss. High quality all round.

Thanks Antonius for reffing and thanks to anastabation for not showing up.

Tonight we eat."

- Everlovin' Antichrist (Lions)

"Good game all, to my guys we played well and it looked like we had a good chance of winning if it was 5 Vs 5 but we will never know. To the Pirates you once again showed in this game that you will be up there this year, just a pity about AB. Good luck for the rest of the season."

- roosterboy60 (Lions)

Sharks v Rhinos

"Nevermind boys, we got one point more than we did last week. Thanks for taking the time to mark our posts Salivor. You can understand our motives for being a little fired up but we understand that you don't get paid to do what you do in which case we'll be happy to have you ref us any other time. Every competition has one tough referee and it looks as though your ours (not necessairly a bad thing either).

Good stuff Rhino's, cya onfield again sometime. I guess we just let the matter slide from here...?"

- El Coconuto (Sharks)

"Well we played well again, Another great effort from my boys, It seems every player that gets there chance in the big grade seem to rise to the occasion. This is what we need and this is why we are coming 2nd. Great Article from Ibeme, well deserved. Yakstorm had a blinder too. To the sharks. I would love to say thanks for the game but I'm afraid there is a bit of hard feelings over this game, Im very dissapointed with the way they finished this game, Very dirty to say the least. One player from the Shire should be very dissapointed with his efforts and he knows exactly who he is. Well we are still underfeated and going strong, Next Assessment, Pirates Away. Now here is Rivalry!"

- ParraMatt (Rhinos)

Bluebags v Panthers

"Congrats to Penrith. Its great for the comp when teams at opposite ends of the ladder can see such a close result.

For the Newtown lads, you know how hard I am after a loss but you can be sure our beer rations won't suffer... this time. We'll redeem ourselves next round.

Thank you ref and time keepers. And thank you ParraMatt for again offering his comments."

- Willow (Newtown)

"Thanks for your time ref. Very much appreciated.

Wow, what a game. I think the scores reflect how close a game it was. There's hardly anything to pick between those 10 articles. Special congratulations to Azkarto though, a really good read and something pretty different. Well done on getting the Player of the Match, it's thoroughly desrved. First win of the season, well done folks. Let's kick on from here. And Moonfire, you frightened the crap out of me, I was really sweating on that last article

Thanks for the game Newtown. Best of luck for the rest of the year."

- Paul-The-Cowboy (Panthers)

Easts v Eels

"Firstly to the Eels, I thought you had two rookies, but you guys had 4, what a top effort.

Mystlique as always, it is a pleasure to have you ref a game.

Thanx to Easts, who submitted excellent articles. A great win for our first home game !! "

- Penelope Pittstop (Roosters)

"Cheers for the game Easts, well played with a great team score and some good reads all round. Well done to our guys too who got posts in, we're only going to get better as the season goes on and we get some more experience behind us. Well played."

- Goleel (Eels)

Round 2

Bluebags v Pirates

"Huge thanks to the antonius for reffing and the Pirates for a great match.

Fantasic effort from debutante and man-of-the-match frank. His continual bursts up the middle of the ruck was a pleasure to watch and the difference between winning and losing.

Tremendous work all Bluegags... Two rounds gone and sitting on four points."

- Willow (Newtown Bluebags)

Rhinos v Easts

"What a Game, Roosters played very well, Thanks very much to PP, Morticia and all the Roosters, Guess you cant win every game.

To us Rhinos, Well we may have had a confusing offseason but 2 from 2 now and I am so happy with the team, We are cementing a Position in the Tournament to be reckoned with. Im shuffling the team around each week trying to give everyone a run and I think it is helping. Everyone is coming out with there best articles at the right time. Extra Cheerios to Jeffles, Ibeme and Gobbso on there marks. But overall the whole team played as one and that's what got us the Chicken Feed in the end.

We will have a quick break and back on the road against the Sharks.


- ParraMatt (East Coast Rhinos)

"Congratulations Rhinos on a well played and close match. Our rookies have had a taste in first grade and, with a game under their belts, will be a force to be reckoned with in the coming weeks. Hold your heads high Easts, a game well played by all. Its not easy putting your balls on the line and Iím proud of every one of you. Citus, Altius, Fortius.


- ...Morticia... (Easts Roosters)

Lions v Sharks

"The result was never in doubt.. but congratulations nonetheless to the Lions.

Thanks BP for marking.

Thanks to our boys who actually turned up.

Now... time to go sort out a few difficulties in this team."

- El Garbo (Cronulla Sharks)

"Have to agree El Garbo but a good performence by the Lions. All scores in 8.0's. Thanks Ref and good luck for the season Sharks."

- Roosterboy60 (Sydney Lions)

"I still have a pair of flares, longing for the day..... never mind...

Thanks El, sorry again about your other guys not fronting, would have been a great game if they had, and thanks BP for reffing.

Well done Lions... First we hunt...."

- Everlovin' Antichrist (Sydney Lions)

Panthers v Souths

"Panthers v South's matches are always a very tough close encountered and really such a close result does not suprise me at all. Over the last two seasons the Panthers and the Bunnies have shared the honours, and im sure that Big Mick and his boys will be there come the semis.

To my team, congratulations guys what a great way to start the season. Lets rest up with the bye this week, and then focus on making it 3 from 3 in two weeks time.

Cheers to the Ref and both teams."

- Seano (Souths Rabbitohs)

Round 1

Sharks v Easts

"As stand in skipper, I would like to thank the Sharks for a good game. Some great reads in that lot, this comp's alive and well. Stick that up ya MattO!!!

I would also like to say to my dear team mates....Ive been away from this scene for a season but I've never been prouder of you blokes (and shielas). They say we dont have fans, we are the transit lounge, we are cheats, we are crooks. All I can say is I am blessed to have these folks on my side. Ive been through some wars with some of these diggers, and as Morley says, "Ive got Ricko on my left and The Yak on my right, and each of them know what their job is and what is expected of them".

We are one Easts."

- melon (Easts Roosters)

"First off - well done to the Roosters. Its not fun losing but its a lot easier to take when you go down to the defending premiers by the slightest margin - especially with a team of rookies. We'll come good.

I guess that since I wrote an essay about the players speaking their minds, I had better not fall into that trap. I was disappointed that we had to have a last minute scramble to fill in for missing players - especially when those missing are supposed to be leaders in the team. Was it the difference between a win and a loss? Possibly. We'll be back next week - I think we learnt plenty in round one."

- El Garbo (Sharks)

Rhinos v Panthers

"Brilliant game of Rugby League, The Crowd was self-explained. 42,880 Fans for a blockbuster going down to the wire, .1 point in it at the end but very proud of my team on their articles. Everyone of my team mates scored higher then 8.4 and that is just brilliant.

Its the Rhinos 2nd best ever score in total after there 42.4 against lions and now 42.3 against the Panthers. Congrats on some good marks for Moonfire and Azkatro but the man of the moment who had a blinder, Onya Yakstorm. Yakky is a proud Rhino and to score an 8.8 for us makes me so proud. He is so dedicated to the Rhinos and help's out in every way. Welcome to Forum Sevens 2004 Everyone. It's just getting started."

- Parramatt (Rhinos)

"Well, it was the tightest game on the scorecard this round, and the scores we scored could have won in other matches. It was a bold effort by the boys, with Moonfire and Azkatro scoring extremely well, proving to be great buys this season, along with a great score by a sevens rookie Kingaroy Redant. I for one am disappointed as I feel I let my boys down with my pathetic score. One player whom can feel hard done by is BW#1F, I think the score didn't equate to the work and effort he put into the article. The rhinos were just to good on the day and deserve their win and have proven that their top line up can be competitive come finals time. However, its a long season, and i've got one warning "Beware the wounded Panther" "

- Big Mick (Panthers)

Pirates v Eels

"Without Nathan Hindmarsh in the line-up, the Eels were always going to have trouble beating the Pirates. I'd like to dedicate our victory to the kids at the Westmead Children's Hospital - being chronically ill ourselves, we understand what all of you are going through."

- half (Pirates)

"Well, this was a well played first round by both teams. I was impressed by the efforts of our rookies and found both Louis and Eels2wins posts to be of there usual high standard. But it takes a super effort to defeat a team with Theirry Henry in it. Yet alone when he has some very accomplished posters with him. If they keep up this form they may well trouble the Eels in '04. Eels fans don't be too disheartened, we were taught a forum sevens lesson this round: Never underestimate your opposition, I was guilty of that and wish I posted a better article. Also, I must touch on this King, please taking the dockng of your points as a lesson on keeping the post under the limit. It didn't cost us this time luckily and your article deserved better than to lose those points. Still a great effort and I am looking forward to our next clash in round 3. Now towel off boys and girls and prepare your minds for the long year ahead."

- DvdHntr (Eels)

Lions v Souths

"South Sydney basically just outclassed us in the important places. We had already played them in a trial so maybe that helped them but no excuses.

I was happy with the Lions effort though with all scores in the eights and I think we can all improve on that.

We won our trials but we have to play much better in the season to be there come Finals Time."

- roosterboy60 (Lions)

"Solid game by everyone on both teams, which produced the game of the round.

We are glad to be 1st on the ladder after this game and look to put a greater gap between us and second position when we take on the Mighty Panthers next week. It will be tough but we are quietly confident.

Best of luck to the Lions, good team, good effort. They are a team that you dont want to have to play when you need a win and I was more than pleased with a victory over them."

- RedDragon (Souths)